06.07.2018 15:30 Max Duell (TU):
Asymptotic Completeness in Deformed Models of Wedge-local Quantum Field TheoryB 133 (Theresienstr. 39, 80333 München)

Wedge locality generalizes the physical notion of relativistic causality, as implemented by local quantum field theory. Motivated by recent successful constructions of non-trivial relativistic wedge-local models also in four-dimensional space-time, we develop multi-particle scattering theory in the general operator-algebraic setting of massive wedge-local quantum field theory. Whereas two-particle scattering in such models has been readily accessible via conventional Haag-Ruelle arguments, an extension to higher particle numbers was so far obstructed due to wedge geometry. We explain how these limitations are overcome in our work via wedge duality. As an example application we briefly discuss explicit Møller operators, multi-particle scattering data and the property of asymptotic completeness in a large class of wedge-local models obtained via deformation methods by Lechner et al.