06.07.2018 14:30 Miguel Ballesteros (UNAM):
Scattering Theory and Resonances in Quantum Field TheoryB 133 (Theresienstr. 39, 80333 München)

We study the leading order contribution of the scattering matrix in models of low-energy quantum field theory, in particular we address the spin-boson model. We prove that the scattering cross section has a bump when the photon energies equal the difference between the ground state energy and the real part of the resonance (we study only scattering processes with one incoming photon and one outgoing photon). The width of the bump is related to the imaginary part of the resonance. This contributes to the understanding, in a mathematically rigorous fashion, of experimental results that have been seen even from the beginning of quantum mechanics. This is a joint work with: Dirk Deckert (LMU Munich), Jérémy Faupin (Université de Lorraine) and Felix Hänle (LMU Munich).