22.10.2018 15:30 Tal Orenshtein:
Ballistic RWRE as rough paths - convergence and area anomaly 2.01.10 (Parkring 11, 85748 Garching-Hochbrück)

We shall discuss our work on ballistic RWRE. We show that the annealed functional CLT holds in the rough path topology, which is stronger than the uniform one. This yields an interesting phenomenon: the scaling limit of the area process is not solely the Levy area, but there is also an additive linear correction which is called the area anomaly when is non-zero. Moreover, the latter is identified in terms of the walk on a regeneration interval and the asymptotic speed. A general motivation for achieving limit theorems for discrete processes in the rough path topology is the following property, which might be useful e.g., for simulations. Consider a nice difference equation driven by the recentered walk. A result by D. Kelly gives a scaling limit to the corresponding SDE, with an appropriate correction expressed explicitly in terms of the area anomaly. This is a joint work in progress with Olga Lopusanschi (Paris-Sorbonne)