24.07.2023 15:00 Martina Conte:
Modeling of cell dynamics across scalesOnline: attend (945856)

The characterization of biological phenomena related to cell evolution and their interactions with the microenvironment often involves several processes occurring on different spatial and temporal scales. Thus, mathematical models aimed at describing cell dynamics have to feature this inherently multiscale nature. In this seminar, we discuss a multiscale mathematical framework based on a kinetic formulation of cell dynamics at the mesoscopic level for studying the process of cell migration. Precisely, at the microscopic level, single-cell dynamics related to cell motion are given in terms of ODE systems. From them, it is possible to formulate the kinetic equations describing the statistical distribution of the cell population and its evolution in response to microenvironmental interactions. Then, from the mesoscopic level, the related macroscopic models for the evolution at the tissue scale are derived in the appropriate regime. Focusing on the case of tumor cell migration, we then present two possible applications of this framework for studying the impact of the different environmental cues on tumor cell migration.