27.11.2023 16:00 Riccardo Bonetto (RUG NL):
Networks of pendula with diffusive interactionMI 03.06.011 (Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748 Garching)

From the experiments of Huygens, to the models for Josephson junctions, coupled pendula served as paradigmatic model of interacting nonlinear oscillators. Currently, such systems still attract the attention of mathematicians and physicists for their versatility and potential applications. Some of the current challenges in the context of coupled pendula include: understanding the role of the network structure entailed in the coupling, classifying interactions in terms of the dynamics, and having a deeper perspective of the origin of chaos for such a class of systems.

In this talk, we explore the properties of energy-preserving coupled pendula, i.e., the system is defined by an Hamiltonian. We first characterise the dynamics of two coupled pendula, by studying the effect of the interaction on the stability of equilibria and invariant spaces. Later, we look at the patterns of (anti)synchrony, and their dynamical implications. Finally, we present some numerical results about the emergence of chaos in relation to the strength of interaction and the total energy of the system.