06.03.2024 13:00 Pirmin Schlicke:
My Research At TUM. Mathematical Modeling in Medicine to Enhance Clinical Decision-MakingMI 03.04.011 (Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748 Garching)

During my six-year journey as a doctoral and postdoctoral researcher, I have explored how mathematical modeling can help clinicians to understand and fight diseases, particularly cancer. In this talk, I share the main projects I have worked on. The central work of my research was to formalize how cancer can metastasize. By creating simple mathematical models that are calibrated with routine patient data from early clinical care phases, we have identified computational biomarkers for timely and accurate assessment of metastatic progression. In addition, I have worked on predictive tools for renal diseases to forecast time points of disease stages as well as to predict immunotherapy outcomes in lung cancer patients. As I am getting ready to move to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center as a postdoctoral research fellow, I will briefly conclude the talk with a preview of what I will be working on in the future.